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The Intrapreneurs Club : A sense of family

Building businesses with long-term profitability

It’s a well-known fact that most Quebec start-ups never make it past the seven-year mark—a trend we aim to reverse. Inspired by the business model of a famous French family, we created a fund whose main purpose is to support young businesses that share our values.

It’s simple: By backing projects that show promise, we help businesses to prosper and people to grow. Entrepreneurs become intrapreneurs, since it’s like they’re a part of our broader family.

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In addition to being involved financially in their dream through patient, long-term investment, we guide the intrapreneurs and make a strategic, proactive commitment to them while promoting their autonomy. Our highly qualified advisory board works alongside them to help them get through the most critical period, and ensures they have the time needed to be able to turn a healthy profit.

The result? They feel supported by a team that understands their reality and are therefore more likely to meet their growth objectives.

Support that goes a long way

Just as a family is an endless resource when it comes to learning, intrapreneurs will have access to external professional resources, networking events, training courses and seminars that will allow them to discuss topics of their choice. A strong emphasis will be put on coaching and specialized training with university partners when appropriate.

The principles that guide our actions

  1. Promote a vision of long-term profitability.
  2. Offer a solid support system.
  3. Respect each person’s role, their autonomy in their area of expertise, and their authority, regardless of their position in the hierarchy.
  4. Build intrapreneurs’ self-confidence.
  5. Support businesses that will create collective wealth.

Investment thesis

  • We invest in digital technology startups such as:
    • SaaS and subscription models
    • Deep tech and data driven businesses
    • Consumer digital services
  • Achieved working product/market fit and have paying customers
  • Founder and team inspire trust and share our values
  • Founder and team are the controlling shareholders
  • Seed Stage investment of a maximum of 25% of its share capital in the first round (C$250,000 to C$1 million).

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